Conference Programme ICMH 2016


FRIDAY - 09.09.2016

SATURDAY - 10.09.2016

SUNDAY - 11.09.2016

ORAL PRESENTATIONS September 10, 2016

SESSION 1 – 12:00 – 14:00
No. Authors Paper

Raducea Corina


A modified perception of space – The emotional psychotraumatological perspective for early diagnosis of neurocognitive disorders

Raducea Corina


The psychosomatic neurocognitive effects of a disharmonius relationship with living/work spaces

Severin Hornung, Matthias Weigl, Jürgen Glaser, Peter Angerer


Impact of inter-role conflicts on physicians’ mental health

Rus Mihaela, Banariu Gheorghe Mihail


Correlation and Regression of height and Shoe Size Data
5 Andrei Kozma, Anne Marie Herghelegiu, Raluca Mihaela, Nacu, Loredana Ecaterina Lungu, Ana-Gabriela Prada, Adina Carmen Ilie, Ioana Dana Alexa, Gabriel-Ioan Prada Impact of Neurosensorial Disorders in Older People
6 Horia Lăzărescu, Iuri simionca, Andrei Kozma, Lucian mirescu Anthropological considerations to ensure quality of life of patients through halotherapy treatment
7 Lupeanu E., Barsan M., Roditis D., Iovita A., Jugurica I., Hnidei R., Raducanu I., Ulmeanu M.-E., Morosanu B Anthropometric parameters and cognitive changes related to age

Gudzovskaya Alla, Evgeniya Pesina


Image of the Future of Elderly People as a Factor of the Their Life Quality

Tatiana-Gabriela Pescaru (Marinescu)

Quality of life after the partner’s demise
10. Miruna Radan, Mihaela Gaisteanu Perspectives on neurodevelopmental disorders in Romania

Draghici Rozeta


Correlations of cognitive dysfunction, depression and drawing distortion in elderly people
SESSION 2 – 15:00 – 17:00
No. Authors Paper

Popa Daniela, Rogozea Liliana


Prevalence of Psychosomatic Indicators among Primary School Pupils’ Computer Users


Bentea Corina Cristina


Self-efficacy, self-regulation and psychological well-being as predictors for teacher burnout

Virgil Gheorghe, Marius Constantin Romașcanu, Dan Florin Stănescu


Occupational stress, burnout and emotional labour. Evidences from an exploratory pilot study

Elena Ancuța Santi, Gabriel Gorghiu, Ramona Ioniță


Correlations between the Teenagers’ Self-esteem and the School Stress Determined in the Context of Science Education Lessons

Švarcová Eva, Skořepová Veronika


Analyses of Learning Styles in a Group of Tertiary Students

Maidaniuc-Chirila Teodora


Experiences of Workplace Bullying? Why And What To Do About It!

Mihai Claudia


Violent content in the Romanian mass media products

Borosanu A., Glavce C., David-Rus R., Iancu E


Value changes in left-behind children of Romanian migrants

Duica Lavinia


Depression - multiple psychopathological faces (a case report)
10. Anca Elena Boalca, Cristiana Glavce, Dana Popescu-Spineni Mental hygiene in Romania – a comparative analysis relative to the standard of living
11. Cristiana Glavce, Emilia Iancu, Elena Radu, Andrei Kozma Obesity and overweight prevalence in the adult population in Romania
12. Dana Popescu-Spineni, Richard David-Rus, Alina Gabriela Ionita, Francoise Roville-Sausse, Cristiana Glavce Nutritional deficiencies as the cause of chronic non-communicable diseases in the participating countries of the MOCA project
SESSION 3 – 17:30 – 19:30
No. Authors Paper
1 Ecaterina Serban Arahnofobia - the oldest human phobia
2 Corina Mihai The corals in people's lives
3 Daniela Ursu Chromotherapy and aromatherapy
4 Raluca Marinescu Animal X-files: the owls
5 Marin Giurea Cancers and collagen diseases - common etiology, healing